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May 7, 2012 @ 9:37 pm

Midwest Vegan Radio Episode 32 - Variety hour with Sarahjane Blum

Sarahjane Blum is a Jane of all trades when it comes to veganism and animal rights. In this episode Dallas and Ryan chat with her about the decade she's spent working on issues around the production and sale of foie gras - the diseased fatty livers of ducks and geese marketed and sold as a delicacy. As the campaign coordinator for Forego Foie Gras Minneapolis through the Animal Rights Coalition, Dallas, Ryan, and Sarahjane discuss why foie gras is a unique conversation starter for a larger conversation about the problems inherent with farming animals.  She is also an organizer for Support Vegans In the Prison System, a group dedicated to advocating for nutritionally adequate meals for incarcerated vegans. We also chat about her experience unknowingly adopting a dog who turned out to have fear aggression issues and how she and her husband navigated that surprise. And as if that isn't enough, this woman is also the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against the federal government in which she is challenging the constitutionality of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act! This is an episode not to be missed.

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