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June 7, 2012 @ 2:24 am

Episode 34 Watch Your Mouth

If you’ve told all of three people you’re vegan, chances are you’ve heard “I could never go vegan!” at least once. And while most of us want to say “Of course you can! It's so much fun and I’d love to help you!” there are still a good number of us out there who are tempted to say something like “If you can’t go vegan, why don’t you go vegetarian instead?”. While this may appear to be an encouragement to take a step in the right direction, Dallas and Ryan dig a little deeper and explore why this suggestion, coming from vegans, really isn’t a good idea. Sure, many people do take a pit stop in Lacto-Ovo Town on their way to vegan, but just because some people do it, and there’s nothing wrong with people taking that route to veganism (Dallas did it!), there’s an important distinction between people making that choice on their own and us encouraging them to do it that way. Now, before you get your undies all in a bunch, just listen to the episode to hear them out.

After that fun conversation, stay tuned to hear about 6 different book titles - from kid’s books to young adult to nonfiction to cookbooks - your literary fancy will be tickled.

Next is a green challenge that takes us back to simpler times, gets our bodies moving, and makes bunnies happy all at the same time. What could be better? Have a guess as to what it is? Listen to find out!

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