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September 10, 2012 @ 11:44 am

MVR Episode 37: Uncle Sam Goes VEGAN

Ever wondered about what it might be like to go vegan in Korea while serving in the air force? We didn’t before we met Emily and heard about her husband, Tom, who did just that. Emily and Tom join us and share their amazing story about going vegan and their experience navigating veganism as they navigate living in a variety of cities and countries across the globe. Emily and Tom share their stories of learning about issues surrounding health, the environment, and what animals endure and what it was like for each of them to make the switch to vegan in their own way in their own time and how they made that work as a couple. Emily also shares about the challenges of finding a job that she is ethically comfortable with in a new country where employment opportunities for military spouses are scarce. Get ready to fall in love with these two! If you miss the heavy, thick, creamy taste and texture of alfredo sauce, you won’t want to miss hearing about Victoria Vegan’s line of vegan alfredo sauces. Seriously, buy this stuff and help her get big enough to make this available in groceries everywhere - it’s delicious. The bachelors out there should love the green challenge for this episode. Embrace your inner Dude with this one - listen to find out what it is! And as always, we wrap it up with shout outs - is yours one of them?

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